Berdistraksi is a brand that established to accommodate productivity and creativity issues in Indonesia. Delivering ideas about "Everyone can be a creator" and "There is no right and wrong in art" we came out with our main product: DIY Kit Merangkai. We design every aspect in the product to make it as easy as possible to understand and also make it environmentally friendly through the waste management from the waste product.

We are not just selling DIY Kit, we also sell beaded basic accessories: bag, choker, and bracelet. Because the majority of our market are women, we try to deliver women empowerment campaigns through our collections.



Iris Bag DIY Kit

Delivering idea about "Everyone can be a creator” we came out with DIY Kit MERANGKAI #1 to make our beaded bag, IRIS BAG. You can see the bag’s model on Instagram
We design every aspect in the product as easy as possible to understand.

This DIY kit include
1. Beads
2. Clear thread
3. Booklet and its QR code for online access
4. Stickers

Varians (10% off discount) :
— clear beads : IDR 120.000 108.000
— pearl beads : IDR 90.000 81.000
— black beads : IDR 100.000 90.000


4PM Choker

In frame, 4pm Choker
It is close to the end, we barely hanging on. Things aren't exactly easy but we always try our best. Grab 4pm choker to accompany your rush hour but keep it fabulous.

Materials : Acrylic Beads
Color : Brown
Price (10% off discount) : IDR 50.000 45.000


12pm Choker

In frame, 12pm Choker
Amidst the chaotic disorganization, 12pm choker bring you a momentary inspiration. Grab your 12pm choker to accompany your day or a gift for your beloved one.

Materials : Crystal Dope Beads
Color : Lavender Purple
Price (10% off discount) : IDR 50.000 45.000


Silhoutte Bag

In frame, Silhouette Bag
Keep it elegant but functional, bring your notebook, pen, lip cream, and ready to go.

Materials : Acrylic Beads
Color : Black
Price (10% off discount) : IDR 250.000 225.000


Alloy Choker Collection

In frame, Alloy Choker Collection, suit you for date night, party, and formal dinner.
An alloy is a combination of metals. This collection consist of two different colour of chokers, clear and silver. It shine and fluorescent but also mechanically strong. It is more like us we are beautiful and strong at the same time, no one can bring you down.

Available in clear and silver
Materials : Crystal Beads
Price : IDR 50.000 each
Bundling (clear and silver) : IDR 100.000 75.000